Pole dance changed my life

Back in 2014, while I was flipping through the TV channels, I came across a documentary called “Pole, dancer and a movie” “That sport looks so awesome” I Thought to myself.

The next day I searched the web, and was thrilled to find a pole Studio less than 2km from my home.
The first time I entered the studio, It felt like I’m witnessing Magic.
After the class ended, I purchased an unlimited subscription for 6 months of fitness classes. 

That’s when I was exposed to more of this world, which included Strength classes, flexibility, dancing and also twerking:)

I love how every class is different from the previous one, and how good it feels to walk inside the studio, and feel free to be yourself.

Besides the struggle with Ballerina pose, I found it difficult to find proper outfits, usually I was wearing my underwear.
I truly believe that pole people deserve fun, comfortable and respectful outfits.

It’s an honor for me to be a part of this incredible sport.

Since 2020 together, with a team of talented and hardworking people,
we created WEPOLE.


Easy to clean. Quick dry. Breathable. Comfortable. Active Stretch. Fully lined. Anti–wrinkle. Light weight. Sweat–Wicking. 

We invite you, to try our capsule designed active wear.
Our active wear is made from quality fabrics,
double lining for maximum protection, comfort and softness.

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We pack orders at 12PM each day to ensure all orders received the night before and in the morning are shipped within 3-4 days.
Tracking details will always be emailed so you can always keep an eye on your goodies:)

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We listen to all questions big and small. Try to solve all your problems with sizing, delivery and fit.
So please feel free to contact us!

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We understand that not everyone can be suited to our wear, so we offer super flexible refunds or exchanges within 14 days.
We always reply within 24 hours to help you:)